What is JCI Scotland?

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a global network of active young people from across the globe. JCI provides its members with training and leadership opportunities, networking, social events and projects in their local community, and the chance to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

Training Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities


Social Events

Community Projects

Professional Development

Why would you join JCI?

Grow as a Person

Training and Development

Invest in your personal development and build your career through regular training and workshops helping you to gain knowledge and experience.

Expand your Circle

Being Social and Networking

JCI opens up a whole new network of like-minded young professionals from a range of backgrounds. Make beneficial professional contacts and create lasting friendships.

Be Part of Something

Impact On Your Community

Make an impact in your local community by running projects that tackle issues head on and help create positive change.

Experience More

Get Involved Internationally

As part of a global organisation JCI can offer exciting travel experiences to new places through international conferences and global events over six continents.


Welcome to JCI Scotland

As National President for JCI Scotland 2017, it’s my pleasure to welcome you! These days it’s easy to put personal and professional development off, we all have busy lifestyles and putting yourself outside your comfort zone might not be your top priority. But what if it was?

I joined the organisation about 6 years ago and since then JCI has been responsible for my development personally and professionally. By pushing my own personal boundaries I’ve been presented with opportunities that I would never have had.

By having one year to lead in JCI, I now have the opportunity to not only put myself forward but also to give back to the organisation that gives me so much.

JCI Scotland currently has three key areas of focus – highlighting outstanding young people; developing employability skills; and supporting the development of an enterprise. These are achieved through the training programmes provided by the local organisations, as well as through events held nationally.

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone really does make a difference, you’ll never know unless you give it a go!

Amanda Taylor

JCI Scotland 2017 National President

  • “I didn’t know what to expect when I went to my first JCI international conference but going abroad, meeting lovely, like minded people from all over the world and constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone in a friendly environment has immensely boosted my self-confidence. Traveling to amazing locations across the globe, catching up with JCI friends and making new ones, exchanging experiences from other JCI chapters is simply a great experience all together.”

    Jasmin Kiebe
    Business & Finance Professional - JCI Edinburgh Member
  • “Being a member of JCI gave me access to useful training and development opportunities as well as the chance to meet, speak to and learn from high profile speakers from business and politics. Many of my experiences and the things I learned during my time on JCI Glasgow’s Board and during my year as Chairman have stuck with me and helped shape my approach to leadership and management. This was a great foundation and no doubt helped shape my business career to date.  The more you put into JCI the more you will get out!”

    Iain Brown
    Head of Legal Analyst Services, JCI Glasgow Chairman and Most Outstanding Member, Europe 2012
  • “I have been a member of JCI for 5 years and I keep renewing every year because of the amazing opportunities that JCI provides me with. The community work that we do is the very core of what this organisation is about. Being an Active Citizen to me is essential – if you see something wrong in the world then you can take action to fix this.  JCI gives you the tools to make an impact locally and globally and I don’t believe any other organisation provides these opportunities.”

    Leeanne Bradley
    Independent Financial Adviser, JCI Edinburgh President 2014
  • I joined JCI when I was running my own company. At the time I was looking for a networking group to grow my business, but what I got was even better! JCI has provided me with excellent training courses, new skills that helped me run a business, and improved my confidence when speaking to clients. Best of all, I have met new friends, not just locally, but globally. It really has changed my life!

    Steven Crawford
    Service Engineer, JCI Edinburgh Senior Vice President 2017

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